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A residential property in Siaya town owned by Siaya Health CECM was yesterday the scene of investigations by officials from NEMA following public outcry that raw sewage from the property was being discharged into a nearby market.

By the time of going to press DalanewsKe could conclusively establish that Mr. Joel Rop of Siaya NEMA office had dispatched a team to the site to investigate the matter.

The issue came to a head last week when neighbors to the property raised concerns that with the schools closed their children who use a patch of adjacent land as a playground would be exposed to the possibility of contracting cholera.


The residents claimed to have taken up the matter with the Public Health Department but the CECM being in charge of the same the officers claimed their hands were tied.


A group of environmental conservationists have now threatened to sue the CECM under the Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA) as well as disregard for Public Health and Water department regulations and statutes for residential properties.

Meanwhile, a letter seen by DalanewsKe has been sent to the relevant authorities including the County Secretary calling for the Impeachment of Mr. Martin Konyango the Health CECM.

Whereas its our guided observation that the letter will not achieve much, it will however draw focus on the CECM and get his reaction towards remedying the situation at his residential property.

Speaking to dalanews.co.ke on Saturday morning Mr. K’Onyango labelled the accusations as inaccurate and propelled by a political witch-hunt.

“I strongly deny all these accusations and will make a comprehensive statement as and when appropriate,” said the CECM.

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