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FOOTBALL was left in shock this weekend as Luton’s Premier League clash with Bournemouth was abandoned after Tom Lockyer suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed on the pitch.

The match was stopped in the 59th minute as medics tended to Lockyer, who collapsed off the ball.

Fans and players were concerned after watching the horrific scenes unfold.
Both teams were taken off the pitch.
Paramedics were quick to treat Lockyer.


Luton boss Rob Edwards immediately ran onto the pitch to tell concerned players to make way for the medical team.


Players and staff members from both clubs were clearly in distress as the incident unfolded, with Luton ace Issa Kabore appearing to pray on the side of the pitch.

Both teams were then sent back to the changing rooms as medics attended to Lockyer.

The Luton captain was then carried off on a stretcher to a standing ovation from both sets of fans at the Vitality stadium.

Luton have since confirmed that Lockyer suffered cardiac arrest – but he is now stable.

The club said: “Our medical staff have confirmed that the Hatters captain suffered cardiac arrest on the pitch, but was responsive by the time he was taken off on the stretcher.

“He received further treatment inside the stadium, for which we once again thank the medical teams from both sides. Tom was transferred to hospital, where we can reassure supporters that he is stable and currently undergoing further tests with his family at his bedside.”

LOCKYER UPDATE Luton players ‘in no state of mind to continue’ after Lockyer collapse
The decision to abandon the match rather than restart it was because “players from both sides were in no state of mind to continue.”

An official statement from Luton read: “We don’t know the full extent of what happened and what the next steps are at this stage, but we thank Bournemouth and the medical staff on both sides for their immediate response, which was absolutely amazing.

“We are sorry to all supporters present that players from both sides were in no state of mind to continue with the game after seeing their much-loved team-mate and friend taken off like that, and staff could not carry on with managing the game in such circumstances having had to deal with the situation.

“We thank everyone for the wonderful applause and singing of Locks’ name inside the stadium at such a difficult time.

“Now is the time for all of our players, staff and supporters to come together as we always do and give our love and support to Tom and his family. Our thoughts are with him and them all.”

Luton have confirmed that Tom suffered a cardiac arrest.
Luton boss Rob Edwards applauded fans after the match was abandoned.
Luton and Bournemouth players also applauded the supporters.
As fans began leaving the stadium, an emotional Edwards walked round the pitch to applaud them.

The football world immediately rallied round to show support for Lockyer, with England legend Gary Lineker tweeting: “Tom Lockyer has been stretchered off. Difficult to be sure if that’s good news but let’s hope so.”

John Terry wrote: “Praying for Tom Lockyer 💙.”

While Ashley Young commented: “Thoughts and Prayers with Tom Lockyer and his family.”

It is currently unclear whether the fixture will be replayed in full or carry on from the moment it was paused.

Prior to the medical emergency, Luton were holding Bournemouth to a 1-1 draw.

Elijah Adebayo stunned fans when he broke the deadlock within the opening three minutes.

But Dominic Solanke netted the equaliser after half time.

Abandoned matches in English football are generally replayed, but the Premier League has yet to announce any decision with the incident still so raw.

Under Rule L.39, the Premier League Board has the power to order a match in which 90 minutes has not been completed to be replayed in full or in part, or allow the result at the time of the abandonment to stand.

Lockyer previously collapsed during Luton’s Championship Play-Off final clash with Coventry in May.

He received medical attention just 12 minutes into the match and was later taken to hospital, where he underwent further tests.

The defender recently opened up about his terrifying ordeal, telling The Central Club podcast: “I’m back-pedalling, and as I’m back-pedalling my head went really light-headed like nothing I’ve ever had before.

“It’s like when you stand up real quick but worse and then my legs went like jelly almost instantly and I remember falling backwards and the next thing I know I woke up and there were paramedics all around me.

“I remember waking up from a dream, I couldn’t tell you what it was about, but I remember having a dream.

“As soon as I came round I was like sweet again.”

The defender previously collapsed in a match against Coventry.
The match was abandoned shortly before 5pm with the score at 1-1




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