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By Simon Bodo 

Dear Clergy
—When the foundations of a nation are shaken by lies, what can truthful ’men’ do?

Woe to the bloody city! Completely full of lies and pillage: her prey never departs… Nahum 3: 1
The propensity of a liar is that whenever they perfect on lies, they give an absolute affirmation that they actually are truthful “mehn.” On the contrary a truthful man will unflappably pass their message without the inclination of endorsing it to be an absolute truth. They speak the truth and let it percolate through the mass by itself. In the fullness of time when the truth comes back, it would have achieved the purpose to which it was declared.

In the run-up to the last general election up until now after the formation of the ‘God chosen government’, it is ironical that we have been treated to a barrage of lies – more so – by the custodians of power to a point that the country grows to be lethargic to the lies.


The funny thing with lies is that it spreads faster and people tend to believe more in lies than in truth. Suffice Winston Churchill said “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”. What holds dear is that truth can never, and will, never be overshadowed with whatever amount of lies. Truth always prevails in such a manner that when it does, the lies and its dregs are doomed.

It is sacrilegious for the church, especially the prelates to be quiet at a time when lies seem to shake the foundation of our mother land even as pillage of public resources takes the center stage. It is one thing to pray a government into power, and it’s quite another to check its excesses by constant pointing and calling the perpetrators and liars out for who they are. You may want to refer to prophet Elijah who could not stand aside when King Ahab befriended lies in the name of Jezebel his wife as he jettisoned reasoning and truth through the windows of justice while embracing jesters as the good book records in 1 Kings 18.

You may as well admire John the Baptist who chose to rather take the poisonous chalice than entertaining the lies of King Herod. At the price of his own head he died with his shoulder hoisted for all to behold the cost of truth. Matthew 14:10, narrates how the king had to live with a decomposing head with its entire stench therewith and a bloody hand in his quest to hush the truth that welled up from John the Baptist’s repository. Even though John knocked the heaven’s gate headless, the truth prevailed over lies.

From all indications, it seems the prey has strategically positioned itself in eagerness for excessive pillaging of our dear resources and will never depart as Nahum reports unless the custodians of the truth – the Clergy – take their divine position to remain on the side of justice and truth for the glory of the Almighty God. If the edible oil scum and the Njeri’s oil sagas are anything to hold on, then some people have set themselves up for real reap-off of the country’s resources.

It is encouraging that Arch. Bishop Ole Sapit and his counterpart Bishop Muheria is slowly coming to identify what our “God fearing” government is made of and has started to skin the “wolf in sheep’s skin” to lay bear the mongrel and its mogrelism therein.

As the petals of time unfurl even to the 60th celebration of our independence, we should not be still saddled with mundane issues like food security just because of runaway corruption and lies. Egypt our neighbor is a desert country with just a faction of land along Nile River under cultivation; yet produces food in surplus even for exportation.

“If you wear a mask for too long, there will come a time when you cannot remove it without removing your face,”.Matshona Dhiliwayo

Simon Bodo

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