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Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah was early Tuesday morning turned away by police officers in Kisii when attempting to file a report against President William Ruto’s sword remarks.

Omtatah had been directed to Nyanchwa Police by Mosocho Police Station, but the Officer in Charge at Nyanchwa declined to comment during the incident.

Omtatah claims Ruto aimed to undermine him and others at a church function fundraiser, where the President pledged to confront cartels hindering his legacy projects.

“You gave me the powers. All these people who want to block us will face me. I will deal with them, I just need your prayer,” Ruto said.


“Because you know I was given a big sword (during his inauguration), do you think that Sword is for chopping vegetables? Is it not for slashing these conmen? I will slash them for real.”

Omtatah expressed his belief that the threat was aimed at him, citing his involvement in the Housing Levy case taken to court.

“I am one of those who took the matter to court and that is why I am here to report this matter to the police,” the activist turned Senator told the Star outside Nyanchwa Police station Tuesday dawn.

Speaking outside Nyanchwa Police station, he stated his intention to report the matter to the police, emphasizing his confusion over the OCPD’s refusal to document the incident at the station.

“I was given a cordial welcome by Mosocho police station officers but they sent me here. I am dismayed that the OCPD cannot accept my statement,” Omtatah told the Star.

The Senator suggested that the president labeled those against his leadership style as “Wakora” during the Saturday event.

Omtatah asserted his adherence to the law, claiming to be more law-abiding than Ruto. Expressing concern for his safety, he mentioned considering reporting the matter directly to the Inspector General of Police.



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