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By Eric Omwombo 

Azimio leader Raila Odinga wants the Luo community to contribute funds for building the Ofafa Cultural Center.

Raila said his father had transversed Countries that host Luos and persuaded them to contribute funds that saw the Ofafa memorial hall established.

Raila said the hall should now be expanded to a cultural centre to conserve the rich cultures of Luo Community.

Raila was speaking to the luo community that turned out in large numbers to witness the coronation of Ker Odungi Randa at the grounds of Ofafa Memorial Hall.

Raila also asked Nyanza governors to establish cultural centres in their jurisdiction to help promote cultures

“Am happy to hear that One of the Kagan donated land for the establishment of cultural centres. Governor James Orengo should also establish a cultural centre in Got Ramogi.
Raila’s idea was welcomed by Senator Oburu Oginga who said that it would help revive the culture that is fading.

Oburu said the Luo community are losing its culture and this generation is fast embracing Western cultures.

Raila at the same time warned the splinter group/self-proclaimed council of elders who attempted to disrupt the installation of Randa at the Ofafa memorial hall to watch their actions.

Raila said the hall was built out of the contributions of the Luos and it was his father who went around countries hosting Luos and persuaded them to contribute towards the initiative.

The title deed of the said Ofafa hall is in my hands,” said Raila.

Raila at the same time confirmed that Randa is the chairman of the Luo Council of Elders.
He added that Randa fits the position going by the trust and confidence my late father had in him.

“Randa was among those entrusted by my father during the Moi era and he has not betrayed us to date,” Raila added.

Raila’s elder brother Oburu Oginga and Siaya Governor James Orengo backed the former premier saying Randa was an upright person who was not ready to betray anyone for political gain.

Siaya Governor James Orengo revisited a scenario where he visited Randa at the police cells and wrote him a cheque that he later swallowed when the police wanted it.

“This man we are installing deserves the post. He never betrayed me when I wrote him a cheque while he was under police custody,” said Orengo.

Homabay governor Gladys Wanga and his Migori counterpart Ochilo Ayako endorsed Randa as their leader.

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