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This is a Sad Day in American Church History: Bishop T.D. Jakes Has Been Accused of Being a Power Bottom Sodomite/Homosexual at Sean Combs (Diddy’s) Parties.

What is sad about this is not only because this is being revealed at Christmas time, but that this is all over the internet, therefore, all over the world about the most prominent pastor in this country, whether he is guilty or not. This is bad for Jakes, his family, and the Evangelical-Charismatic Church. Some believe the sodomite/homosexual power brokers are punishing T.D. Jakes as they did Bill Hybels, Brian Houston, and Carl Lentz for not fully and publicly supporting the sodomite/homosexual LGBTQQIPF2SSAA+ agenda early on as they wanted him to.

It’s reported that Diddy settled Cassie over her assault lawsuit for a whopping $100 million and we thought everything had been buried forever but it’s about to get messy and scary for Diddy and his cronies like prominent pastor, TD Jakes.

There is been an audio trending on the internet of Cassie handing over hardcore evidence of Diddy’s nasty dealings with her and Kim Porter’s burner phone as well.


Also, there is allegedly some evidence in there incriminating TD Jakes and if these crazy pieces of evidence are anything to be taken seriously, then TD Jakes is in a mess.

Diddy is friends with TD Jakes and it’s alleged that they did some nasty stuff together and all that and Cassie’s alleged evidence has it all covered.

The TikToker then went on to claim that there was also an email that incriminated Diddy’s close friend, Pastor TD Jakes, who officiated the burial of Kim Porter. MYEi$HiA played a clip of an unknown man alleging that Cassie had turned over tapes of Diddy’s alleged depraved parties that involved multiple prominent people, including TD Jakes, who allegedly slept with multiple men at the soirees.

It is important to note that the wild claims are unsubstantiated allegations made on social media. However, that didn’t stop people from taking to multiple social media platforms and reacting to the claims, leading TD Jakes to trend on the internet.

Jakes, who is often found hobnobbing with celebrities, including Diddy, was named “America’s Best Preacher” by Time Magazine, as well as “One of the Nation’s Most Influential & Mesmerizing Preachers” by The New York Times.

Lately, Diddy’s and TD Jakes’ close friendship has come under the scanner after the former was sued by multiple women alleging s*xual misconduct by the hip-hop mogul and his associates.

A recent TikTok video, alleging that Diddy’s former girlfriend Cassie has turned over evidence exposing the duo’s crimes, has sparked disbelief online. The netizen also claimed the pastor had exploited young men at Diddy’s parties.

This is wild and social media is having a field day over the wild allegations of TD Jakes’ nasty dealings with his partner in “crime” Diddy.

This is all ALLEGED so take it with a grain of salt for now.

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What Is a Power Bottom? Here’s What the Sex Term Really Means (Definition from Men’s Health Magazine)
Being a power bottom is partly what you do during sex—and partly the energy you put out in the world.

You’ve probably heard the term “pillow princess”—a.k.a. starfishing—to describe a sexual partner who likes to lie back and receive pleasure in the bedroom…and not do much else. But did you know there’s a term to describe the opposite scenario: i.e., a man who likes to run the show, even when he’s on the receiving end of sex?

In the queer community, these men are known as “power bottoms.”
They’re the kind of sex partner who doesn’t just lie there; they’re controlling the tempo of sex along with the depth of penetration. They’re telling their partner to switch positions; no way do they wait for the top to tell them what to do. They know there’s a difference between being penetrated and being submissive, and that even when you’re getting on the receiving end of intercourse, you can still be the more dominant partner. (Note: This is not the same as “topping from the bottom,” a bad practice in BDSM wherein a submissive partner turns the agreed-upon power dynamic upside down.)

Outside of the bedroom, power bottoms often pride themselves of being able to take the biggest penises imaginable at a moment’s notice. You might also find them in the gym working on their squat game, so they can have as big a butt as possible. (That said, you can have a little slice of cake back there and still be a power bottom.)

“Everyone’s definition of a power bottom is different,” says Dr. Evan Goldstein, founder and CEO of Bespoke Surgical, an anal surgery practice. “But no matter how you define it, that ass will need to be able to handle a lot, like withstanding excessive forces, multiple sessions (multi-daily, daily, weekly), and multiple partners. Sometimes, it means being ready to open up whenever and wherever you (or your partner) want.”

Adult performer and self-proclaimed power bottom Richard JMV, 32 (link NSFW), says that being a power bottom is more about presence. “A power bottom isn’t as easy to describe unless you’re talking about energy,” he says. “There’s an energy you can always see and feel from a power bottom’s presence.”

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