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The market is commonly referred to as Lubao. It is located in Kakamega County’s Shinyalu constituency. The market is well-known for the purchase and sale of dogs. This technique is thought to have begun more than 60 years ago, following the government’s decision to encourage sugarcane production in Western Kenya. Before selecting a dog, various aspects must be considered, including tests that assist establish its talents and pricing. Dogs, according to the traders there, are extremely beneficial to their safety.

They warn them of impending danger by barking, allowing them time to prepare and confront the aggressor. The enterprise gradually spread from villages to sub-counties and, eventually, counties, with male canines in more demand than female dogs. Dogs are usually purchased at lower prices in Nandi, Uasin Gishu, Nakuru, and other counties with relatively low temperatures conducive to dog breeding before being deported to Lubao and sold at higher prices.

Tests assist determine a dog’s reactions; if the potential dog runs away, it is not suitable for home guarding, but if it surges towards you, it is suitable. However, this is a tough test because traders are occasionally bitten by dogs that misinterpret the testing for threats. Take a dog to a neighboring thicket and perform a hunting display for the hunters. If the dog can scent into the woods, it is a hunter, but if it keeps staring at you, it is not. Straight ear lobed dogs are frequently chosen since they are thought to be more alert.

To see if the dog has any sickness, they swing the dog from the hind legs for numerous rounds before dropping it down and studying it. If the dog takes longer to regain awareness, he or she may be unwell. The test also aids in the identification of stray dogs. These dogs are frequently seen with chains around their necks, being pulled by bicycle or hand. The canines’ transport to Lubao might take another two days. They are taken to a location where they are separated by age, breed, and sex. Then, in order to make them aggressive, their food is mixed with specific plants that turn them violet if a prospective buyer approaches it; a violent dog draws more buyers.


Source: Opera News Hub


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