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By Samson Ogolla

President Ruto is a cut above the best…

He’s not afraid of making difficult decisions and making his position on trending subjects known.

1. Even after a few woke judges tried to legalize homosexuality in Kenya, President Ruto made it clear that that would never happen in Kenya.

Pressed by the Pro-LGBTQ western media, Ruto was not afraid to remind that homosexuality has no future in Kenya.

2. When the easi option would be to continue with Uhuru’s fake economy (faking the exchange rate, borrowing to fund recurrent expenditures etc), Ruto chose to tell Kenyans the ugly truth and asked them to dig deep into their pockets. He preferred subsidizing production as opposed to consumption.

A very unpopular decision, but one that he stood with amid criticism. Today, Kenya has not defaulted and inflation is down from 9% during Uhuru to about 6%

3. Against expectations of many insiders, Ruto met with Raila (who was being sponsored to sabotage the already struggling economy).

Even when it was the least convenient, Ruto picked General Ogola to head the military.

Today, we have peace on our streets and the military is intact (they are assured that politics will never be used to deny anyone the promotion they deserve).

4. President Ruto redefined our foreign policy. When others reduced it to East or West, Daktari said, why not both?

He deals with America, Europe, Russia, China, Middle East and India…

The goal is to work with whoever is willing to work with us!

Ruto has made it clear that you can’t chose for us enemies!

5. The Privatization report has been kept under lock and key because people fear the sabotage from within government.

Universal Healthcare had been turned into a song as Kenyans die and

Higher Education Funding was a sad joke that favored those who have as the needy perish.

But Ruto ni nani!

He’s taking the bulls by their horns and making the necessary changes to make Kenya better.

I could go on and on, but you get my point…

Ruto is someone you can depend on. His stance on important issues is always clear and he will always go out of his way to fend for Kenya.

And no, I’m not saying you shouldn’t criticize or assign him ugly monikers as he make the decision…

He, in fact, encourages criticism!

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