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By Calvin Otieno

William Ruto PLANNED and schemed for the presidency as early as 2010.

When he campaigned against the 2010 constitution, of course, Ruto knew he would not win. What he wanted was to throw himself to the national grid and take the leadership of the Kalenjin nation.

2013, he ensured no senior Kalenjin leader was reelected. The likes of Henry Kosgei and Franklin Bett. Thereby cementing himself as Kalenjin supremo.


The first term as the DP emersed a lot of financial resources through corruption and illegal tenders. Building a self-sufficient financial warchest for his campaigns.

2017 ensured Mt. Kenya leaders who did not do his biding failed in the nomination process and elections. Installing loyal young politicians in Central Kenya.

2022 was just the icing in the cake. He was doing these things in plain sight, and we could not see it. He planned for 10 years. When we tell Kalonzo and Azimio to plan now, most of you claim it’s too early.

Election is a process, not an event. Raila, Uhuru, and Kalonzo must start NOW. We are up against a serious political schemer.

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