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By Eric Omwombo 

Governor James Aggrey Bob Orengo has assured residents of Siaya that development projects outlined in the 9 points manifesto will be achieved even if the state continues to starve counties on fiscal allocation.

While speaking at the burial of Douglas Odero Spoiler, who was a long-standing bodyguard to Alego-Usonga MP Samuel Onunga Atandi, Governor Orengo said though the state had deprived counties of resources his vibrant networking with partners will ensure implementation of all projects.

“In 2023, we initiated certain projects including a rice mill whose installation will be done in January,” said Orengo. 

The Governor further added that the industrial park whose construction is ongoing, expansion of Siaya Referral Hospital and affordable housing projects are some of the key development projects that will be completed before the end of the first financial quarter next year.

Orengo lauded the Siaya County Assembly for unwavering support and cooperation with the Executive which has enabled the initiation of numerous projects to benefit wananchi.

“In the past one year, we have worked well with the assembly members, laws have been legislated and budgets have been approved in record time hence making our work much easier,” said Orengo.

In the year 2024, the Governor said there were high hopes and confidence that things will be much better.

Meanwhile, Governor Orengo vowed to thwart any bid by UDA agents to thrive in Azimio leader Raila Odinga’s backyard.

“I still insist that any meeting I attend, No UDA agent will be allowed to make a speech ” said Orengo adding with finality “I said so in Gem and repeat the same here in Alego”.

Similar sentiments were shared by Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo who noted that although Kenya has embraced democracy the kind of impunity championed by UDA liars will not be tolerated in Nyanza.

“Siaya and Nyanza at large is ODM zone and so other parties infiltrating the region to humiliate Raila who is the Nyanza Kingpin shall not survive,” said Otiende.

Otiende added that the idea of UDA Party trying to penetrate Nyanza through distribution of relief food failed. “Our people took their foodstuff but remained stoically behind Raila Odinga”.

Ugunja MP and ODM Party Secretary of  Political Affairs, Mr. James Opiyo Wandayi told UDA agents to keep off saying Nyanza is Raila’s territory.

Opiyo also clarified that nobody was inciting anybody else but as Raila’s footsoldiers they will not stand by and watch some miscreants heap insults on Baba.

“Have got information that the agents have changed tact and misusing the provincial administration including chiefs to run their errands,”.

“If the administration being misused value their lives, they must resist illegal orders issued to them to undertake arbitrary recruitment and other unquantified activities,” said Wandayi.

In the meantime Alego-Usonga MP Samuel Atandi vowed to engage the Kenya Kwanza team in running battles saying he has been endorsed as Commander and will see to it that Raila’s dignity and respect is upheld.

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