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Bodaboda motorbike riders attacked a home and razed down several houses in Dadra village of Central Alego Location, Siaya County.

The rowdy youth said they were on a revenge mission having lost their son to death after being stabbed by a member of the homestead.

In total four houses in the homestead were torched leading to the loss of an unknown amount of property.


The family had to flee as the enraged arsonists revenged the death of a 26-year-old man whom the attackers accused their son of stabbing to death following a disagreement at a football match.


Area Assistant Chief, Kochieng’ ‘B’ sub-location Mr George Ayoga confirmed that the death occurred during a Christmas football tournament that was played at Mbolori Primary School grounds between the home team and a guest team from Busia County.

It is claimed that a melee ensued when Mbolori FC was trounced 2-1 by the guests from Busia. The deceased who was a football fan taunted a player for causing the loss. The player, whom it transpired was armed with a knife, stabbed him to death.

Jane Akech, mother to the accused, said she had gone to the nearby Mbolori market when news of the invasion of her homestead by angry Bodaboda reached her.

She says that after failing to find her son at home, the mob set one of the houses on fire, causing relatives at home to scamper for their safety. The other three houses caught fire as collateral damage.

Jane says everything in the homestead, including goats and chicken was burnt.

“We now fear for our lives as the brothers of the deceased have returned armed with machetes and swearing to exact revenge,” a fearful Jane added.

The 26-year-old man was rushed to Rabar Dispensary but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police are yet to apprehend the culprit who fled the scene immediately and his whereabouts are unknown.

The victim’s body has been moved to Siaya County Referral Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem as investigations continue.




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