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Kapseret lawmaker Oscar Sudi has sparked a new wave of online debate by boasting at a public function about his closeness to President William Ruto.

In a video that has gone viral the vocal lawmaker is seen and heard lecturing a Member of the County Assembly (MCA) from the Rift Valley at a public event.

In the video, Sudi consistently refers to himself as one of the people ‘who reside at the State House kitchen at night’.


Sudi repeatedly dresses down his fellow politician, advising him not to ‘talk at public events so that the audience can clap for him’.


“Stop inciting the public about this market… Are you the one who announced that it will be constructed? The market is coming; we have allocated a budget,” says Sudi.

“The best approach as a leader is to go to the governor’s office and ask him about it, or you could have even asked me (referring to himself – Oscar Sudi)… You have never asked me a single question, and you know I am the Mr Fixer, and I visit the Statehouse kitchen at night. I know how everything is going.”

Sudi stated that the intended construction of the market was a ‘promise by President William Ruto’.

He warned political leaders in the region against fueling animosity among the public.

“I will not accept the old-fashioned political process of inciting people to fight in this county,” Mr Sudi declared.

Despite battling a case of alleged fraud in his academic papers, Sudi has been particularly close to President Ruto since his days as the Deputy President.

He has severally accompanied the Head of State to international meetings and was once spotted alighting from the presidential helicopter. In a recent meeting, Sudi was spotted appearing to dictate who will meet President Ruto at a public gathering.

He is known for his outspoken comments and was once known for releasing videos in which he publicly castigated former president Uhuru Kenyatta and his mother mama Ngina.


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