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By Eric Omwombo 

Siaya legislators have lauded development strides made by Governor James Orengo’s administration in the past year saying it’s a step in the right direction.

Led by Senator Oburu Oginga and MPs Samuel Atandi (Alego-Usonga), Otiende Amollo(Rarieda) and Dr Christine Ombaka they affirmed their confidence in Orengo’s leadership.

The leaders while speaking during the State of County address at Siaya Assembly, said Orengo’s idea of prioritizing the completion of projects initiated by ex-governor Cornel Rasanga was well thought-out and injecting resources towards their completion was indeed the spirit of devolution.


They said that the completion of Siaya stadium, installation of Siriwo rice mill, expansion of Siaya Referral Hospital and tarmacking of Ugunja ring road, Yala sub-County Hospital road and proposed Rabango road will help in transforming Siaya.

Oburu lauded Orengo for his style of leadership pegged on the completion of the ongoing development projects.

“The style of leadership you have adopted will not allow any project that had consumed taxpayers money go to waste. The projects will be completed and equipped to benefit locals” said Oburu.

“Facts and figures that formed part of Orengo’s speech are stubborn and visible projects and equipment at the health facilities, ECD centres are just a few examples that confirm that devolution was changing lives.

Atandi and Otiende further confirmed their support for Orengo come 2027 saying the comprehensive plans and well-laid action strategies adopted by Orengo’s administration will make impressive differences in Siaya.

The duo came to defend Orengo’s style of leadership which they termed superb.
“Orengo had assumed power and opted to conduct a forensic audit of the system to establish status to start in a clean sheet.

“Doing forensic audits was a strategy to know gaps and weaknesses of the system to draw a line between the previous and current regime which was not a bad idea,” they said adding that “even pollsters that ranked Siaya poor in terms of development had erred,”
Atandi said.

Atandi said opinion polls rating Siaya poor are a propagandist initiative. The people have confidence and trust in Orengo’s leadership.

“Nicholas Kut Ochogo whom you have appointed as Education Social Services Chief Officer was my political competitor. You have also considered my competitor. By doing so you have relieved my political distress.

“We are happy with key projects earmarked for implementations as detailed in the state of the county address.

I Want to castigate certain politicians who are soiling your reputation,” Mr. Atandi added.

“There is no corruption in Siaya. Going by the measures put in place by the county leadership to stem it,” said County MP Christine Ombaka.

“We as MPs, have demonstrated unity and collaboration between counties this indicates that the unity is solid apart from those who went to seek for selfish interests,” Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo.

Orengo said the developments initiated during his tenure were realized out of their close partnership with the County Assembly of Siaya.

“The laws legislated and budgets debated and approved by the Assembly have made it easier for Siaya to benefit from projects prioritized by the locals during budget-making processes.
Orengo said he assumed office last year and initiated a process of cleaning the systems to curb corruption.

“Imprest accounts, supply chain management, bloated wage bill were among the malpractice challenges that have been examined and measures taken to ensure public resources are well utilised — said Orengo 

We do not want to wish away the challenges. The issues are being investigated to ensure openness, and accountability including public participation in the management of public finances and disposal act.

In the trade department, 11 market sheds have been done during his first year including Boro and Nyadorera.

To ensure insecurity in the markets a total of 99 floodlights have been installed and with the completion of the industrial park, Siaya will boom in agribusiness.

Orengo assured Siaya residents that by January the roofing of Siaya Stadium will be completed.
“We were caught up in the challenges of Siaya stadium. We resolved the impediments and it’s now on course to completion. They are doing a section of booths for ticketing including race-track and floodlight installation.”

On Education, bursary kitty has been increased from KES 75 million to KES 100 million with 14,000 students benefitting. Orengo said 22 ECD classes were established and 315 equipped 315.

Siaya government is committed towards the construction of Ugunja and Yala roads.

He noted that for him to succeed and achieve this project Assembly must work hand in hand with the Executive.

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