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Kenya Union of Journalists has condemned the attack on journalists during a raid by Nacada at a shisha joint in Nairobi.

KUJ secretary general Erick Oduor asked law enforcers to hold the owner of the nightclub to account for the damages and injuries sustained by journalists and police officers.

Oduor said the barbaric acts have no place in Kenya,

“Journalists have every right to serve the society where public interests are concerned and their calling for the greater good of Kenya cannot be obstructed by violence,” he said.


In a statement, Oduor called on the police to ensure the journalists who were attacked get justice.

“We condemn this unwarranted violence against journalists and demand that punitive action must be taken in line with the law,” he said.

Journalists from several media houses and police officers were Friday night injured during a raid by the National Authority for the Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Nairobi.

The operation against shisha was led by Nacada Chief Executive Officer Antony Omerikwa and Head of Enforcement Nicholas Kosgei.

Shisha possession and consumption are banned in Kenya.

The government imposed a ban on shisha in 2017, including advertising, promoting, distributing and encouraging or facilitating its use.

Nacada board chair Stephen Mairori also condemned the violence and destruction meted out by bouncers at the club.

“Journalists and police officers while on duty are legally mandated to execute their assignment without threats, intimidation, violence or any form of coercion,” Mairori said.

In a statement to newsrooms, Mairori added that attacks on members of the press, security officers and other authorised personnel carrying out their duties are punishable by law.

“Because of this, criminal charges against the offenders have commenced and they will be arraigned in court to answer to various charges related to the assault,” he said.

He applauded the media for their support in the campaign against alcohol and drug abuse in Kenya.


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