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Popular Nairobi televangelist Victor Kanyari has revealed that he reversed all Mpesa donations made towards offsetting funeral expenses for his sister Starlet Wahu.

The Salvation Healing Ministry Church pastor said his family never took any contributions from loved ones after the untimely death of their sister Starlet Wahu.
According to the cleric, some relatives and friends had already started sending him their contributions for the funeral, but he reversed it all.
Wahu was buried on January 6, 2023, and Kanyari shared that only 20 people attended the heartbreaking burial ceremony.

Kanyari said as soon as his sister’s death became public, he started getting calls from the media, eager to know what transpired, and so they hurriedly buried her to avoid embarrassment.

“I told my mum that she was dead and never coming back and we should bury her. We didn’t want people to contribute money for us, and even when they sent me money, I reversed it,” said Kanyari.

“I didn’t want people to contribute because of my sister; I funded the whole ceremony,” added the emotional cleric.

Wahu was buried on January 6, at the family home in Kamulu, and according to Kanyari, only 20 people attended the sombre ceremony.

The family is now very concerned about their mum Prophetess Lucy Nduta who was badly affected by the tragedy. They, however, consoled her, urging her not to get depressed as it would kill her very quickly.

The family had been together during the 2023 December holidays, and Kanyari revealed they last saw each other on December 31.

Kanyari also revealed that the man whose sister was seeing was known to them.

“I am heartbroken; she was doing so well in life. We last met on Christmas, and on December 31, we spent time together at home. We had not seen the man before. We learned about him after her death. This is so tragic for us, the family, and even her friends. May her soul rest in peace,” he said on Nairobi News.

Pastor Kanyari is among several Kenyan religious leaders who have turned preaching into a huge money-minting enterprise.


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