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President William Ruto has this morning spearheaded transformative initiatives in Laikipia, launching a monumental 10,000 affordable housing unit project that empowers a significant number of young individuals. Nationally, the housing program has already generated 120,000 jobs, addressing unemployment challenges.

Undeterred by opposition, President Ruto passionately defends the housing project, emphasizing the disconnect of critics who have not experienced the harsh realities of poverty. His resolute stance against cartels, criminals, and corruption underscores a commitment to providing home-ownership opportunities for Kenyans.

The President’s vision extends beyond housing, introducing an ICT hub that promises to elevate more jobs.

Additionally, his leadership has facilitated opportunities for 500,000 Kenyans abroad, despite opposition from Raila and his associates. President Ruto questions the motives of those opposing initiatives that benefit the youth and enhance national development.

In a bid for accessible healthcare, the President announces a monthly NHIF rate cap at Ksh 300, ensuring affordable medical coverage for all.

Uncompromising against incompetence and vested interests, President Ruto pledges to confront and eradicate obstacles hindering the transformation of the nation.


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