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Kisumu Central Persons with Disabilities received a major boost on Thursday as Senatorial aspirant Wakili Fred Odumo Nying’uro donated a cash amount of KES 150,000 to their welfare group.

About eighty per cent of the group are either cobblers or shoe-shiners within the Central Business District of Kisumu City.

Through their representatives, the PWDs stated their profound gratitude to Wakili Fred Odumo Nying’uro for tirelessly moving up and down Kisumu County with a deliberate eye to lifting the living standards of all and sundry. Apart from their gratitude they also promised to constantly remember Wakili and his magnanimous heart in their prayers.


Elsewhere, Wakili left a girl together with her parents shedding tears of joy as he settled her entire school fees for the whole year.


Mary Kwambo, a resident of Nyalenda “B” Ward had been selected to join Lions Secondary School but was downcast since her parents were facing fee payment challenges.

Wakili Fred Odumo Nyingu’ro stepped in and paid her full-year school fee. This surprise gesture of goodwill left Mary Kwambo and her parents shedding tears freely — tears of joy.

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