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On Friday, Kenyans reacted on social media after the Court of Appeal refused to suspend orders preventing the state from deducting housing levy from citizens.

Justices Lydia Achode, John Mativo, and Gatembu Kairu, in rejecting the state’s application, emphasised that public interest lies in awaiting the determination of the appeal.

“This is because if the stay sought is granted at this stage, should we affirm the challenged decision, then some far-reaching decisions that will have been undertaken pursuant to the challenged laws may not be reversible,” they stated.

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has addressed the concerns of Kenyans seeking Housing Levy refunds following the Court of Appeal’s suspension of the 1.5 percent salary deductions.


In response to queries from Kenyans online, KRA confirmed that it would provide guidance on the matter in due course, highlighting that the government is still adapting to the ruling that halted the levy.

“Kindly await official communication on the same,” stated KRA.

Some individuals suggested that the taxman should create an online refund form for the convenience of the taxpayers.

Here are some reactions from Kenyans that prompted the responses from the tax collector:

The classic aviator @ClassicAviator0: “Then we wait for refunds for funds lost in the last months.”

Japeth Ekidor~Doyen: “Proud of you guys. Wait for blame and disobedience of the same orders. Our COK is SUPREME. God bless.”

SSP Mwakha Pancras: “What’s the ruling for after deduction has been made, will the government refund the money back. For how many times has it been stopped and there has been continuous deduction… We don’t have a government… it’s just a gullible-prayerful system.”

Cde Mugabe 🇰🇪: “Kenya has won, civil servants have won, payslips have won… we are happy and we thank God for @OkiyaOmtatah.”

Katiku: “The Government should pay back all the Housing Levy collected. It must make us landlords if it doesn’t return our monies. 💰”

“Kindly await official communication on the same,” KRA responded.


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