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Following a trending news item circulating on social media about a Baraton University student Brenda Chepkurui being the latest victim of femicide DalanewsKe has unearthed information to the contrary.

Upon investigation, DalanewsKe can now authoritatively report that Brenda Chepkurui died a few weeks ago and her body has already been laid to rest.

Brenda Chepkirui, a second-year nursing student from Kericho reported to the university on the 8th and went to her house and started cleaning. The neighbours saw and interacted with her well.


However, on the same day around midday, she went inside her room and was never seen till the fourth day morning that is on Thursday, the 11th when the landlord notified the university of a student who had locked herself in a room.


The university student services took action and reported to the police and DCI, the body was intact no harm no proof of struggle and no rape and the head was not chopped as reported.

White Crescent Hospital in Kapsabet did a postmortem and reported that she died a natural death.

The family was notified and the body was taken home and buried on 18th January.

That is how Brenda died.

Reports that her head was chopped off and that she might have fallen victim to rape before being strangled are the weirdest sort of baseless speculation.

Although social media is a fast conduit for sharing information globally, the hype associated with Kenyan cases of femicide in Airbnb is distorted, exaggerated and bereft of fact.



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