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City lawyer Fred Odumo Nying’uro today attended a public Baraza at Kano Kakola Location in Kisumu County.

The Baraza was organized by area Chief for Kakola-Ombaka, Mr. Jack Ongudi.

One of the issues that rared it’s ugly head at the Baraza was the prohibitive cost of seeking legal redress, especially in rape cases.

Wakili Fred Odumo Nying’uro vowed that from now onwards he will be providing legal services, pro-bono, in civil and criminal cases involving rape, domestic abuse and matters relating to child labour.


Reiterating his earlier calls that his doors are open for consultations by people of all cadres, Wakili nonetheless stressed that the youth, PWDs, women and the girl child will get his focus as greatly disadvantaged persons in society.

Those present were amazed that in the short span of time Wakili Fred Odumo Nying’uro had entered into the political arena, he had formulated a blueprint that addresses fairly all the significant areas of Kisumu voters lives.







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