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Former “Machachari” actor Ian Nene, known as Almasi, opened up about the challenges he faced during his troubled childhood and his transformative spiritual journey.

In an interview on the Man Talk Podcast, Nene candidly addressed the difficulties he encountered in a toxic environment, particularly the abusive behavior of his stepfather after his biological father left.

“My stepfather was a little bit abusive, well not to me but more so to my mom, and I would observe it, and my uncles obviously were like drowned in intoxication and just in this bad world,” shared Nene.

The impact of these experiences shaped Nene’s perception of masculinity, as he revealed:

“I didn’t have a good example of men in my life. My biological father had left my life when I was young, and he didn’t really make an active effort to connect to me and my youth, so I just always had like a bad sting in my mouth every time I thought about masculine energy.”

He further explained how the absence of positive male role models influenced his understanding of masculinity, emphasizing the need for mature and confident male figures during his formative years.

Nene has in the past discussed his spiritual journey, revealing his shift from Christianity to Hinduism.

Raised in a Christian home where questioning religious beliefs was discouraged, Nene shared that his exploration of spirituality began during his university days in the UK.

The turning point occurred when he received a book from a friend who identified as a monk. The book, combined with deep conversations and contemplation, led him to seek a spirituality that went beyond the confines of Christianity.

“When I got to the university, I was wild and partying but still connecting a little bit with a dealer (Weed) friend and I was always smoking weed and having some deep conversation and stuff,” he recalled. The book he received from the monk friend changed the trajectory of his spiritual journey.

The actor also shared a poignant moment when he learned about his mother’s stage four breast cancer diagnosis, describing how he coped with the pain by resorting to smoking weed.

“I became a vegetarian immediately, and when I went back to the UK, I met monks, and they took me to a temple, where I spent most of the time, especially during holidays, and dedicated even more cohesive time to it after I am done with school,” Nene explained.

His spiritual exploration led to a profound change in his lifestyle, including embracing vegetarianism and immersing himself in the teachings of monks.

Ian Nene attributes his current spirituality to a deep and scientific understanding of God’s role in the world, addressing his questions and seeking solace in his transformative journey.

—Nairobi News

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