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Wakili Fred Odumo Nying’uro today joined the faithful at Ombeyi Catholic Church in Muhoroni sub-County of Kisumu. The sermon stressed the need for accountability in all spheres of life.

Addressing the congregants after the service Wakili Fred Odumo Nying’uro charged Christians to maintain integrity in family life. He said the rising cases of femicide countrywide are a result of moral decadence in society.

“Don’t allow the voice of your fears to be louder than the other voices in your head,” Wakili told the gathering, adding “Make sure the voice of reason, the voice of belief, the voice of confidence are all strong enough to drown it out.”


The cleric also pointed out that Jesus was our Chief  exemplar when it comes to offering service to fellow mankind. They recognised Wakili Fred Odumo Nying’uro as a living example of humility when he went on his knees and asked for the invocation of blessings by the church elders.


The Ombeyi Catholic Church is a nucleus of Our Lady of Perpetual Mercy Ahero Parish.


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