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Wakili Fred Odumo Nying’uro today joined residents of Nduru-Oseth area in Kabonyo Kanyagwal Ward of Kisumu County to assess the perennial flooding situation.

The Nairobi lawyer engaged the local administrators and opinion leaders on how to set up lasting solutions to the displacement of residents of Kano plains.

“We will push for the construction of a dyke as a permanent measure,” said Mr Nying’uro, adding “but while we wait for the government to do the needful lets stretch out a hand to the needy and displaced “.

The extended rains have caused havoc in the Kisumu East area displacing 725 families so far followed by the Kabonyo-Kanyagwal area, Nyalenda “B” and South West Kisumu.

The County Government of Kisumu has purchased foodstuff, nets and beddings to help support the displaced families but there’s still need for emergency supplies to the affected residents.

After assessing the situation Wakili Fred Odumo Nying’uro pledged support for the residents and promised to work with the relevant line ministries to set up long-term policies to alleviate the misery of the residents of Kabonyo-Kanyagwal area.

Other parts of the country that experience perennial flooding are Lower Tana River, Nyatike, Kano Plains and Budalangi.

Following the El-Nino rainfall pattern that hit East Africa mid last year County Governments have set up teams for crisis management including resettlement plans and provision of medicines and assorted foodstuffs.

Somalia, over 450,000 people have left their homes and fled to higher ground. Two hundred and forty thousand people have evacuated in Ethiopia, and 150,000 in Kenya, where over 100 people have died. In the entire region between Sudan and Tanzania, over 3.1 million people have been affected by the disaster in one way or another.


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