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Wakili Fred Odumo Nying’uro on Tuesday hosted elders from Seme to a luncheon at his Ahero residence.

The meeting was called to brainstorm on the need to preserve the Luo culture vis-a-vis invading foreign cultural practices as well as to lay strategies on how best to expedite Wakili’s transformative development agenda.

“There is an African proverb that goes what an old man can see sitting down, the youth cannot see standing up,” Wakili opened the discussions, adding “The wisdom that the elderly possess is something so powerful that they can see further than the youth, no matter how much effort the latter employ.”

The elders approved the need for onboarding women and the youth when the time comes for political campaigns but emphasized the need to seek wisdom from the elderly once Fred Odumo Nying’uro is declared Kisumu Senator.


“Remember it’s only the elderly who dare to point out to you where you are going wrong,” a representative of the elders said.

Another elder noted that the hospitality Wakili has been showing the world springs from peace at home since Wakili’s wife was personally involved in the preparation of the meals. (It is a great honour for Luo elders to be served by the host and not employed staff).

“It’s a mark of leadership that many men do not have. If one cannot lead their own house without coercion or molestation how do you expect to lead the public?” asked an elder.

They agreed that the tranquillity and joy that Wakili shows the world was evident in Wakili’s home and a pointer to good governance.

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