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Following his extensive campaigns for the empowerment of women Nairobi lawyer Fred Odumo Nying’uro recently had the distinction of comparing notes with Mama Ida Odinga, herself a crusader for the liberties of women in the past three decades.

Ida Odinga suffered firsthand from political oppression back in 1982 when during the rule of Daniel Arap Moi her husband was taken into detention and she was ejected from her teaching job at Kenya High School, ostensibly for supporting the failed military coup.

She stood up to the challenges as she singlehandedly brought up her children with a husband in and out of prison while boldly facing harassment from state agencies.


Through the Mama Ida Trust, she has been at the forefront of rescuing girls and young mothers and inspiring them to go back to school.


Similarly, lawyer Fred Odumo Nying’uro has championed women’s rights and dedicated his time and resources to empowering women while committing to remove some of the bottlenecks that have blocked them from progressing.

The two had a hearty time as they exchanged notes with Mama Ida challenging Nying’uro not to tire or despair of doing good as long as it’s within his power to do so.

Fred Odumo Nying’uro is eyeing the Kisumu Senatorial seat and has been networking with the youth and women of Kisumu County as a benchmark for his revolutionary development agenda.


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