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A patient who was waiting to be attended to pulled out his pistol and shot himself dead in a horrible suicide incident at the Mater Hospital, Nairobi.

The deceased was a licensed gun holder, police said.

Witnesses said the deceased identified as Abdala Mohamed, 72, had been brought to the emergency section at the Mater Hospital on Monday February 26 afternoon when he shot himself in the chin.

The deceased was armed with a Beretta pistol, which he used in the mission.


Police and the hospital officials said the deceased had been rushed there aboard a private car where the incident happened.

By then, the drugs that he was to use were not at the emergency area and plans were being made for their delivery.

It is not clear what he was being attended to.

This angered him and he started making calls before he reached out for his pistol and shot himself in the chin blowing up his head, police and witnesses said.

His driver who had brought him to the hospital and was taking care of him then, rushed out calling for help.

He succumbed while being attended to.

The last time when such a bizarre incident occurred was in 2014 when a pensioner in the UK walked into a surgery and shot himself.

The 80-year-old died instantly after stumbling into the men’s toilets at Station Road surgery in Frimley after pulling out a gun and shooting himself.

Horrified patients were rushed out of a doctor’s surgery today after a pensioner walked in and apparently shot himself dead.

Police firearms teams were called to the scene and discovered the pensioner dead in a pool of blood.

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