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A Nakuru woman whose identity we have withheld has found herself on the wrong side of the law after suffering third degree injuries from scalding by hot water.

PW who is aged 44 and runs a business in Naivasha town has two kids with her husband.

It is said the husband recently landed a senior post in the Nakuru County Government and has since been pushing for divorce.

On 19 February PW had an altercation with her husband and opted to spend the night in her daughter’s bedroom to avoid him when he returns home.

Around midnight she heard her husband come into the house and head to the kitchen. She wasn’t concerned, and turned and went back to sleep.

The next thing she heard was the door being broken down and her husband entered her daughter’s room and poured a sufuria of boiling water on her.

She remembers screaming in pain but as she tried to sit up the man stabbed her in the stomach. At this point in excruciating pain,  PW could feel something slithering around her stomach.

Blindly she pushed her husband away and as he fell on their daughter’s wall cabinet she ran out into the compound.

Not knowing that part of her intestines were sticking out she clambered up a ladder that had been left leaning on the perimeter wall by funds the previous day.

Somehow she managed to climb over the wall and fall on the neighbours side where she slumped down unconscious.

She would wake up the following day in a Nakuru hospital drugged by anesthesia and fresh from surgery. She is still in the hospital bed to-date but shockingly the perpetrator walked into a police station and reported to have been assaulted by his wife.

He filled out a P3 Form and was brought to the hospital where his wife was admitted. Brazenly he threatened to finish what he had started.

Ever since the day of the incident, he has been at the hospital with the investigating officer who has now informed PW that she will be arrested when she is well enough to answer charges of assault.

Some civic agitators have confronted the Nakuru OCS over the matter and he has agreed to change the investigation officer assigned the case.

Even as we publish this with the shocking photos of the woman badly scalded on the backside, we pray and wonder if justice will, indeed, take its course.

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