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Wakili Fred Odumo Nying’uro has donated a bull for the coronation of Archbishop Peter Anyumba of Kano Kobura.

The coronation will take place on 17 March,  2024. The bull was presented by Kochogo Youth Leader David Omulo aka Djong on behalf of Wakili.

The Sayun church of God was started through the power of the Holy Spirit. The founder is called Joseph Nyang’wara Obera. He was 
the leader and archbishop of the church.
He was not a member of any church and only prayed in his own house.
One night he had a dream. God spoke to him in that dream and continued to do so over a period of three weeks. God
told him what to do and showed him his kingdom. The founder did not imagine before that, that he could have his own
church. When he sent his application to Nairobi in order to register the church and to get a license, the Holy Spirit
continued talking. A women came from Kabondo. God had also spoken to her. Somebody came from Maragoli, to
whom God had also said, that Obera should raise the flag. Even he himself was still disturbed by the Spirit until he
rose the flag. It was the flag of ‘Sayun Church of God’. The Spirit also showed him the type of flag he should use:
white on top, red in the middle and yellow below.
He managed to get the license and started the work of God in 1974.
It was the Holy Spirit that made people to join the church. Those first converts did not come from one particular
church, but from many different ones.
The leader was sent by the Spirit to different areas. He had to go on foot for lack of other means.
The name ‘Sayun’ was taken from the Scriptures. ‘Sayun’ is a hill, where those warriors stay, that have won the war.
The ‘New Sayun Church’ broke away form Sayun Church in 1998. They do however not have a license yet. They left
because of their own wish.


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