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The results are coming in after Super Tuesday, the biggest day so far in the 2024 race for the White House, and the message is clear – we’re heading for a Biden v Trump rematch.

Voters in 15 states went to the polls on Tuesday to select the Democratic and Republican candidates for the US presidential election on 5 November.

Joe Biden, the current president, was the clear victor in the Democratic race as he overcame long-shot challenges from congressman Dean Phillips and self-help author Marianne Williamson.

Meanwhile Donald Trump, the former president, showed his dominance in the Republican race with large victories over former UN envoy Nikki Haley in every state apart from Vermont. She is expected to drop out of the race later.


Key takeaways from Super Tuesday results
The results show Mr Biden is all but certain to seal his party’s nomination as he chases down the 1,968 delegates needed to make it official.

Chart showing the number of delegates per candidate in the Democratic contest: Joe Biden is on 1,561 at the moment and needs 1,968 to seal his nomination.
Mr Trump is not far off clinching his party’s official nomination either, with his Super Tuesday haul of delegates leaving him needing fewer than 200 more to win the race.

Chart showing the number of delegates per candidate in the Republican contest: Donald Trump is on 1,044 at the moment and needs 1,215 to seal his nomination.
If you’re still catching up on how the primary process works, we explain it all here.


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