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Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has maintained that the opposition is not compromised due to Raila’s dalliance with President William Ruto.

Speaking during an exclusive interview yesterday night, Babu Owino said that Azimio MPs staging a walk-out during the debate of the Housing Levy is a clear demonstration that the opposition is still intact.

“There is the institution of the opposition. If at all we were in bed with the government, why would we walk out during the Housing Levy bill, which means the opposition is still intact and doing its work,” said Babu Owino.


The MP went ahead and said that he finds it difficult to support Ruto because he has his principles. However, Babu stated that Raila has a right to work with Ruto because of his vote which is crucial for the AU job.


He asserted that he would remain steadfast in opposition and keep the government in check. Babu said that no one would stop him from doing his work of criticizing the Kenya Kwanza government.

“Politics you can never say never but tomorrow I don’t know how I can stand and now say I support Ruto, it is very difficult for me to do so because I have my principles. Baba can work with Ruto on how much he wants to work with him, it is because of the AU.

“As Babu Owino, my role is to keep this government in check and that is what am going to do and nobody is going to tell me not to do so, I will do it,” Babu remarked.

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