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Wakili Fred Odumo Nying’uro today joined residents of Okano Wach area in West Nyakach Ward, Nyakach Constituency in a unique Harambee.

The event was a Bursary Fundraising at Kabongo Junior Secondary School where Wakili donated KES 50,000. 

While addressing those who attended, Wakili reiterated the importance of investing in education.

“An investment in quality education guarantees socio-economic mobility that further bridges the gaps of dependency on the pyramid of privileges,” said Wakili Fred Odumo Nying’uro, adding “This has a trickle down effect on the security of a people. It spurs financial independence for beneficiaries tomorrow. And that’s what we want for our children today.”


The residents also affirmed their resolve to support Wakili when the time comes to elect the new Kisumu County Senator.

On the sidelines of the event Wakili was introduced to the Chairman Kadiang’a Council of Elders Sir George Ouma. This made the occasion even more unique as Wakili Fred Odumo Nying’uro’s maternal ancestral home is Nyakach Kadiang’a.

Shortly thereafter Wakili presented a donation of a bundle of wheat flour and a goat to our Muslim brothers in preparation for the upcoming observation of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

The presentation was made to Sheikh Abdi Weli, Chairperson Kisumu Muslim Community in the presence of Ustadh Muhammad Muhammud.

Incoming Kisumu County Senator again said “Religion and education offer fundamental anchorage to human societies and have immense power to impact change. Everything including security, morality it’s all enshrined in religion. We must therefore make Kisumu County a safe space for each one of us to practice our religion responsibly, mindful of others and safely.”

Meanwhile, Azimio leader Raila Odinga on Saturday treated students and pupils from the Raila Educational Centre to lunch.

Raila who had visited the school shortly after breaking ground for a TVET institution in the Toi area gave money for the lunch that had been requested by Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna.

In a video seen by the Star, Raila is seen handing an undisclosed amount of money to two teachers, each representing the educational centre’s primary and secondary schools.

Raila also handed Sh50,000 for lunch for parents of the students at the institution to the Parents Teachers Association leadership. The amount was given jointly by Senator Sifuna and area MP Peter Orero.

“Baba amekuja na akikuja, bwana Sifuna alisema KFC. Sasa nataka walimu waje hapa, wa Primary na Secondary. Alafu Sifuna alisema wazazi pia. Wapi chairman wa PTA. Hii ni 50,000,” Raila said.

“Baba has come and when he comes, Sifuna said KFC. Now I want teachers to come here, Primary and Secondary. Then Sifuna said parents too. Where is the PTA chairman? This is Sh50,000.”

The request to buy the lunch was made by Sifuna who during his address said the students had asked for it in the form of Smokie and chapati, a combination popularly known as ‘Smocha’.

Sifuna however said that because the former Prime minister was the guest of the day and he had means, he had said they’d have KFC chicken instead.

“Na leo kwa sababu ilikuwa siku ya baba na hawa watoto, kuna mmoja amekuja akasema sisi tunataka Smocha (Smokie Chapati) leo. Baba smocha, unachukua smokie unafunika na chapo na unakula lakini Baba amesema kwa sababu yeye ni mzito si Smocha ni KFC. Akasema kwa sababu yeye amedeal na Watoto Sifuna na Orero wadeal na wazazi. So, lunch ya Wazazi ni mimi na Orero,” sifuna said.

This loosely translates to, “And today because it was Baba’s day with these children, one came and said they want Smocha (Smokie Chapati) today. Baba to make smocha, you take a smokie, cover it with chapati and eat it, but Baba said today it’s not Smocha, it’s KFC. He (Baba) said because he has dealt with children, Sifuna and Orero will deal with their parents. So, the parents’ lunch is on me and Orero”.



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