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Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has spoken up about the alleged rumors on social media connecting him to hiring of  former Royal Media Services TV anchor Jackie Maribe.

Kuria has strongly distanced himself from claims that he was involved in the employment of Maribe in his ministry.

This morning the Public Service Commission, through their social media handle, confirmed that Maribe wasn’t appointed to any job in Moses Kuria’s Ministry.


Kuria didn’t hold back; he confronted the issue directly, questioning the truthfulness of the reports and accusing a specific media house of spreading false information.


“Contrary to reports by the Nation, I have never been interviewed by the media House nor made any comment nor announcement about Jackie Maribe. I have challenged CEO Stephen Gitagama to provide evidence from one Mwangi Muiruri who wrote the article,”said Moses Kuria

Additionally, Kuria stood by Jackie Maribe, highlighting their friendship that has lasted for over 16 years.

“Meanwhile, I stand with Jackie Maribe, my friend for the last 16 years, and I will stand with her just like I stood with Governor Kawira Mwangaza in the wake of unjustified bullying,” he said.

Kuria bringing up Governor Kawira Mwangaza adds another interesting twist to the story. It suggests a bigger picture and might give insight into the relationships between different public figures. This whole situation shows how social media can shape what people think and how important it is to check the source and basis of information before spreading it.

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