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Whereas it is not illegal to own firearms in Kenya, the process and vetting requirements are so stringent and costly that it makes gun ownership a privilege afforded by only a chosen few.

Only a small number of applications for self-protection are authorized and processed since the onus of protecting the public lies with the police.

Status-related danger is usually one of the key factors that are examined before a firearm is authorised and released to the holder. Priority is given to businessmen and politicians who can easily prove that their lives require additional protection.

A gun or firearm license is a sanctioned official authorization granted by the designated government authority of a certain country that permits the applicant to acquire, possess, or carry a handgun.

In Kenya, the manufacturing, transportation, importation, exportation, repair, sale, storage, possession, and use of ammunition, firearms, airguns, and destructive devices are all subject to license, regulation, and control by the Firearms Licencing Board (FLB).

Gun ownership and use are regulated in Kenya by the Security Amendment Act and the Firearms Act.

For the average Kenyan, owning a gun is incredibly expensive. When purchased lawfully, it will cost between KES 100,000 and KES 350,0000. One may also spend anywhere from KES 160,000 to KES 350 000 on short firearms. J.J. Okwaro & Co., Spy Shop Limited, and Kenya Bunduki are a few of the authorized gun stores in Kenya.

An applicant must meet a set of requirements for the vetting process by the Firearm Licensing Board in Kenya if they want to have the freedom of walking around with a gun.

The requirements include;

-a copy of an Identification card or passport
-Certificate of Good Conduct from the Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI)
-Psychiatric report from a government hospital
-Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC)

If a candidate wants to be allowed to carry guns freely in Kenya, they must fulfill a number of criteria for the Firearm Licensing Board’s vetting process. A candidate also needs to be at least 21 years old and have some experience handling a gun.

Despite fulfilling the aforementioned conditions, Kenya’s Firearms Act forbids people from possessing weapons (designated military-grade) used by security forces, such as the MP5, AK47, and G3.

A step-by-step process to become a licensed gun owner in Kenya is provided below:

1.Send a request to the Firearms Bureau: To apply for a license to possess a firearm, go to the Kenya Firearms Bureau, which is located in the Nairobi Area Station. Your specified application form will be given to you by the Chief Licensing Officer for completion.

2. Obtain a clearance with the CID by having your fingerprints taken and paying KES 1050 to the DCI for a Certificate of Good Conduct. It takes at least two weeks to complete.

3. Submit the properly-filled application form: Bring the following documents to the police station closest to your home, along with the properly filled out application form:

4.Application review: The County Security Committee and the District Security Intelligence Committee thoroughly examine the application before approving or rejecting it.

5. Inspector General of Police clearances: The names of people who have undergone background checks and have been given the all-clear to apply for a license to possess firearms are sent to the Inspector General of Police, who has the last say in directing the Chief Licensing Officer to clear the applicants.

6.The issuance of the firearm certificate or license: Upon receiving the Inspector General’s approval, a candidate will be granted a gun license in Kenya.

There are situations where an application might be turned down. Typical explanations for rejecting an application include the following:

-The candidate is crazy
-He or she is temperamental
-He or she is unable to securely handle or store the handgun.

The following justifications could lead to the request being withdrawn:

-using a weapon while intoxicated
-If someone doesn’t renew their license
-Inconsiderate storing that could endanger the public
-When the gun’s serial number is taken off,
-When a holder poses a danger to the general population.

The Kenyan Firearms Act must be strictly followed in order to grant a firearms license. In this country, not everyone has the right to own a firearm. You can become a licensed gun owner with the help of the aforementioned instructions………to be continued….

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