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Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya, has opened up on being warned not to attend a burial on Friday where the Speaker of the National Assembly Moses Masika Wetangula was also set to attend.

The duo have been engaged in a supremacy battle with the relatively new George Natembeya giving back as much as he receives from supporters of the Ford-Kenya leader.

Speaking to a reliable source Natembeya has revealed that he was cautioned about potential threats against him and the risk of harm if he decided to attend the burial.

Natembeya asserts that leaders linked with the Ford-Kenya Party organized opposition against him, leading to the eruption of chaos.

He remains resolute in his belief that there was a plot to assassinate him, but he credits divine intervention for his survival.

Natembeya expresses dismay at the sight of police officers deploying teargas in his direction despite his lack of wrongdoing.

He vividly recalls the distressing moment when a teargas canister struck his trousers, causing him significant pain.

The governor’s account sheds light on the challenges and dangers faced by public officials in carrying out their duties.

Natembeya’s experience serves as a reminder of the importance of security measures and the unpredictability of political tensions.

Natembeya’s determination to fulfill his responsibilities remains unwavering, reflecting his commitment to serving the people of Trans Nzoia County.

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