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Victor Okoth Marende has taken up the position of Director Siaya County Governor’s Press Unit, albeit in an acting capacity, following the resignation of Ben Agina.

Youthful Victor Okoth Marende has been in the service of Governor James Aggrey Bob Orengo since he was Senator. Photo | Donated

In the pecking order of seniority at the Governor’s Press Unit Marende was next in command. He brings to the office awesome experience, singular commitment and knowledge of the way Governor James Aggrey Bob Orengo executes his political agenda. Marende has been with the Governor from his days as Siaya Senator.

Marende also managed the Governor’s social media handles and enjoys great rapport with the mainstream media.


Quite and unassuming, is accomplished in networking. He is better-known for his institutionalised discipline over the lengthy duration he has remained in Governor Orengo’s service. Just like his predecessor he avoids conflict and confrontation, a quality much-needed in the crisis-ridden and turbulent politics of Siaya County.

Marende now has to work on the image of the Executive’s indecisiveness particularly when sharing information with media outlets.

Being an insider, hopefully, he will work under a more conducive environment and not have his roles duplicated in other departments.

As we welcome the new Director of Governor’s Press Unit let’s also remember the importance of cooperating with his office for a smooth flow of information and credible reports. Yes, it takes two to tango!

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