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By Eric Omwombo 

Governor James Orengo has ordered for the replacement of the manually run-cotton ginnery at Madiany with automated ginnery.

Orengo while addressing mourners during the burial of Japheth Ochieng Oyieko in Rarieda said the replacement of the ginnery should be done in this financial year 


“The house and Madiany Ginnery should be destroyed and new automated ginnery procured such that when the cotton farming is revived and it’s produced,it can be fed to na Hines for ease separations” said Orengo amid cheers and claps from the mourners.


Orengo said the ginnery is full of obsolete and faulty ma Hines run manually.

“We have Sh 17 million in the budget to do that job” said Orengo.

His remarks comes only a week after he hosted principal secretary for Industrialization Juma Mukhwana that brought BT cotton seeds worth 25 million to Siaya famers 

Mukhwana said the seeds was part of the government efforts to revive cotton farming in Siaya.

Orengo was accompanied by Roots party leader George Wajakoyah, Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo.

On Politics, Orengo asked politicians seeking to replace Azimio leader Raila Odinga as ODM party leader to go slow.

The county boss said the post itself has not been declared vacant.

“The list held by the political party registrar bears the name of Raila as party leader so those trying to fit in his political shoes to go slow,” he added.

 Orengo further challenged doubting politicians to visit register of political parties in any working day and confirm by themselves.

There is no vacancy and you can’t start an election for the party leadership when seat is not declared vacant .

It can only be contested for if the seat is declared vacant at the National level, as for county party primaries, it can be held.

Orengo said all party portfolios are up for grab except the top post(party leader).

“We are aware of party primaries yet to be held in parts of the country but the position currently held by Raila is untouchable,” said Orengo.

There are people who have been dreaming and wants Raila to leave the seat but have held lengthy discussion with Raila over the phone and he had assured me that he is still strong and not going anywhere.

We must stand by initiatives that will bring change in this country and that can be achieved in many ways, just the other day in Senegal, those sworn as President and Prime minister came from jail to statehouse.

Wajakoyah told politicians fighting to replace Raila to hold their horses saying nobody can inherits ones wife when the husband is still alive.

“Raila is still roaring and if by chance he leaves, then I will take charge,” said Wajakoyah.

Otiende said that those angling to take Raila’s position must know that he is still alive and cannot be inherited yet.

He further asked Kenyans to forget Raila AU post talks and continue conversation over the ills bedeviling this country.

Otiende said Raila’s AU post debate has taken much of the leaders time at the expense of their duties.

“Kenyans and leaders have negated their roles of bashing government when leading the country astray,” said Otiende.


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