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By Eric Omwombo 

The county government of Siaya through it’s Department of Education has allocated KES 210 million towards rolling out school feeding program and supporting construction of Model ECD centers in Siaya.

The school feeding program that targets nursery kids will consume KES 180 million while infrastructure development for model ECD centers to cost more than KES 30 million.
This was said by Governor James Orengo during the opening of the KEPSHA Annual Conference held at Siaya Institute of Technology.


Orengo said they learnt that majority of the pupils were reporting to the schools on empty stomach thus loosing concentration in class.
In line to unwavering commitment in ensuring no child go hungry in school my government has embarked on a comprehensive school feeding programme with an initial allocation of KES 180 million.


This initiative will cover 30 wards of Siaya and it aims at providing nutritious meals to our pupils and acknowledging the crucial role the nutrition plays in fostering cognitive development and academic success.
It would address malnutrition especially of learners from disadvantaged backgrounds.
We are aware that so many pupils report to school hungry affecting their concentration and performance-with the nutritious meals provided daily, there will be a significant improvement in the energy levels.

“We aim to nourish minds and body. That will pave way for a higher feature for generation to come targeting nursery kids
Once it’s rolled out, it will improve kids enrollment, retention sand completion rate in primary school.

In the past only few Wards has had meals in schools following the allocations of the budgets.
Orengo who was accompanied by Education Executive Dr Edgar Otumba and Siaya Township MCA Obiero Otare said they have committed more than 30 million on model ECD centers.

Furthermore recognizing the importance of building a strong foundation in early childhood education my government has embarked on establishment of Model ECD centers across the six sub-counties with an investment of KES 30 million.

These Centers will serve as center of excellence providing a conducive environment where young learners thrive and reach full potential.
The center will not only impart knowledge but also instill values of creativity, curiousity and compassion in the kids.

He also revealed that his government had absorbed more than 600 ECD teachers on permanent and pensionable terms.

He urged the ministry of health to strive at training teachers and pump resources towards supporting primary school in terms of technology.

He revealed that the CBC faces lots of challenges including lack of capacity especially at the level of ECD, unwillingness to embrace change, lack of resources and technological infrastructure.

“As county government, we have put resources in our budget for digital learning in our ECD classes across the sub-counties. It’s not yet universal but we have made a beginning.
As far as am concerned you may be having the best university in the world but if you don’t have fundamental institutions like ECD in primary schools these efforts at the higher level may be counter productive.”

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