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Siaya Women Representative aspirant in 2027, Iman Awino Wagwau popularly known as Dechwa Dag Chiemo excites debate in certain circles because of her looks.

“I’m extremely pretty and even some of my portraits do not do full justice to my appearance. I think we should meet in-person,” she told this writer on phone.

Well, her looks may be uniquely Asiatic but Awino was born slightly over four decades ago in Kasabon’g village, Akado area of Asembo.

She’s married to Andericus Wagwau from Alego Kaluo, Kamenya, Imbaya village in North Alego Ward.


Iman Awino Wagwau is a life member of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party and is properly networked in the party hierarchy.

Unlike previous challengers to the long-serving Siaya County Woman Rep, Christine Oduor Ombaka, Awino is so sure of her victory that she’s already working on a blueprint of elevating the county from where it stagnated to new heights. 

“Christine Ombaka is hanging her boots come 2027 and some of the areas which require critical thinking are whether she exhaustively fulfilled the roles bestowed upon her by the constitution.”

Iman Awino Wagwau then eloquently proceeds to outline these roles.

She says County Women Representative shall promote the interests of women and girls within their counties and the country at large. This role involves coming up with laws and policies that specifically target women and girls. Through parliament, they shall lobby and advocate for equity and equal opportunities for women and girls.

They shall sponsor and engage in bills, motions, resolutions, and/or notices that aim to redress any disadvantage suffered by women and girls because of past or present discrimination. These laws shall also work towards improving the status of women and girls to bridge the gap of gender inequality.

She appears quite conversant with what the public expects of her.

During the short phone conversation what comes through is her warmth and hominess as a person. Before the conversation is over she’s already on first-name terms with this writer, proving that she might be more accessible than her predecessor.

Iman Awino Wagwau’s hobbies include visiting the gym, painting and reading classical literature. Her refined language suggests that she is properly educated.

But again, as I said — it’s the warmth, personal humanity that at the end of the conversation you take away. Here’s a matriarch, someone well-grounded, solid and dependable.

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