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Governor James Orengo now claims that the Kenya Kwanza administration is hellbent on frustrating devolution.

Orengo said that the latest move by Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria to push for employment of civil servants on contract basis is part of the scheme to frustrate devolution.

Orengo further termed the move as an exercise in futility and one doomed to fail.


“As we speak, if you look at the number of people being employed in Public Service  people from Nyanza are getting a raw deal,” said Governor Orengo.


The County boss said Luos are ranked 7th Nationally in terms of employment in the Public Service. Orengo added that the idea advocated by Moses Kuria is dead on arrival.

Orengo said such retrogressive thinking should not be embraced in this country for its goal is fighting devolution.

Orengo said the government is hellbent on frustrating devolution and contractual employment is just one way of doing it. The other is the perpetual delay to remit funds meant for Counties.

“If resources cannot trickle to counties as expected then it’s a clear strategy for killing devolution,” said Orengo 

Orengo added that President Ruto has usurped some important functions that belonged to the county and transferred them to the National government.

“There should be a clear division of functions strictly in accordance to the constitution. We are not living in good times at all in so far as constitutional order for Kenya is concerned,” 

Orengo vowed to press government to live up to it’s promises.

“We shall not tire to say these hard facts because in this parts of Kenya, especially Siaya and the entire Nyanza region had it’s people losing their lives to bring about the constitutional changes.”

Orengo was accompanied by Kisumu Women Representative Ruth Odinga who said the government is working on a plot to do away with permanent and pensionable terms so as to absorb persons from their tribes in the payroll systems through a contract.

Ruth said the idea belongs to President Ruto and the Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria is just pushing it to please his master.

” The Kenya Kwanza administration is keen on absorbing their tribes in government and has found that contractual agreements is the way to go, but it will not be business as usual,” 

“Its not the role of government to run with the idea of contract but they are doing so to employ new people after three years has elapsed and elections are done.” 

Ruth said Ruto is out to absorb in government two tribes to help him run the affairs of this country.

“He wants to make Kenya a government for Kikuyu and Kalenjin. They succeeded in the appointments and are now pushing the idea so that it gets reflected in the payroll systems.

“The ruling government wants to reduce civil servants to two tribes and we won’t allow such selfish ideas to thrive in this country,” Ruth Odinga said.

Without mincing words Ms Odinga said Kuria is out of order and Ruto should know that Kenyans are aware that he was not for this constitution.

Siaya Speaker George said there exist statutes which are provided by constitution to govern employment .

If the National government desires to engage employees on contract basis that’s their business but counties will not be party to the plot.


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