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In the last seventy-two hours the doyen of Kenya’s Opposition politics has spoken up and Kenya is listening.

Raila has asked the government to point out the hills it wants residents to run to so as to avoid floods when all along they’ve been politicking and doing nothing about disaster preparedness.

The saying still goes that when Raila Odinga sneezes, the whole country catches a cold.


Kenya Kwanza fanatics are now saying he has kissed goodbye his AU ambitions but are worried about his unfiltered attacks towards Ruto.


In Azimio everyone is thrilled because this is the Baba we know.

But then again, deep down, we are wondering if Baba is spoiling his bid for Africa Union Commission Chairperson chances.

Either way, both sides of the political divide are uneasy because Raila is being himself. Mysterious. We don’t know what he is doing. No one knows.

To tell the truth, that is POWER.

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