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Siaya Governor James Aggrey Bob Orengo on Saturday cautioned Members of the National Assembly to tread carefully when dealing with President William Ruto as he often doesn’t mean what he says.

Orengo regretted that those who believed Ruto and abandoned Raila and even made secret deals have reaped nothing.

Ruto assured Nyanza members of parliament including Bondo’s Gideon Ochanda to repair Goye bridge, a project that has not been done till today.

“President William Ruto was here in Bondo and assured Bondo residents that Goye bridge would be done in 18 months a promise that has not come true to-date.
“Those who thought begging President would bring fortunes to our people should now learn from mistakes by MPs who went to beg him. We also have Bondo-Nango road that has not been tarmacked moths after it was launched by the President.”


“Tread carefully with the presidents promises,”— Orengo cautioned 

Orengo at the same time told Ruto not to think that supporting Raila’ s AUC candidature would be locking him out of the presidency.
Orengo clarified that Raila does bank on President Ruto’s vote but also support from other 52 member states.

“Those who think they can compromise Raila’s presidential bid by supporting his candidature are lost,” said Orengo.

The county boss while addressing mourners at the burial of Barack Otieno in Mulaha village of Siaya Township Ward noted that for one to qualify for AUC job, he or she must get votes from 53 African Presidents.

“The person who determines who becomes the chair of the African Union is the totality of votes in Africa and not a single vote.
We do not doubt Raila’ capacity. He is qualified for the job and the barrage of endorsements witnessed confirms that he is the right person for the job,” said Orengo.

Orengo asked Kenyans not to worry of the competitors coming out as that would determine how strong the candidate is.

“Don’t worry of those joining the race. Raila likes a healthy competition. In a free and fair competition, he will triumph,” said Orengo, adding  “Raila can still participate as a voter, he can contest for positions not less than presidency.”

Orengo warned the Kenya Kwanza group against mutilating the NADCO report to suit their interests. He claimed president Ruto is executing a plot through parliamentarians that aims at killing multi-party system that was achieved through struggle and bloodshed.

“The idea behind the move by Kenya Kwanza administration to kill multiparty system is to re-introduce the authoritarian system that thrived during Moi era.
“The Azimio coalition was the brainchild of Raila Amollo Odinga and came about after a hectic struggle. If you look at the main pillars of the constitution which includes, devolution , multi-partism you see the footprints of Raila.

“We have seen an attempt to try and play around with the document. In deed we need a proper study of any legislation that will come out of NADCO,” said Governor James Aggrey Bob Orengo.

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