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Siaya Governor James Aggrey Bob Orengo wants those entrusted with positions under his administration to embrace teamwork and ensure they deliver to the residents of Siaya.

Orengo said his administration is full of experts and persons with high competencies hence he does not doubt their capabilities and that if teamwork is embraced there’s potential to take Siaya far in terms of development.

Orengo who was speaking at the revival of the boardroom church at his Ugenya home likened his job to that of Jesus where a disciple was appointed and assigned roles which they did to the satisfaction of their master.

“Even Jesus Christ whom we bestow our hopes on, embraced teamwork during his ministry whose objective was to deliver us from evil. In fact, in the entire team everyone had a role assigned them and they succeeded in spreading the gospel” said Orengo.


The County boss said similar efforts should be seen on his team for great people of Siaya to gain from the fruits of devolution.

Governor Orengo who welcomed the clergy at his home lauded the sermon which was based on the building of Jerusalem’s walls by Nehemiah.

“Despite insults and humiliation from those who mattered like Tobiah and Sanbalat, he encouraged his team not to be distracted by side-shows but to continue with the work and ultimately he delivered,” said Orengo.

The County boss added that he will stop at nothing till Siaya residents achieve services and that goal can only be achieved easily when everyone embraced teamwork.

“If we work as a team in Siaya and Kenya we can build cities, the Communities and our faith in our LORD,” said Orengo.

Orengo said through joint prayers, faith gets strengthened.

The Governor said he was greatly inspired by the word preached and that he could envision a wonderful transformation of Siaya if schisms and sabotage were avoided by the staff and teamwork was embraced.

“Look at soccer. If teamwork is not seen in football games there would be chaos, even the society only succeeds when there is teamwork,” said Orengo.

Siaya First Lady Betty Orengo welcomed the clergy at her home and emphasized one government approach to achieve the goals of Nyalore admininistration.

“I have observed the spirit of cooperation among County Executive Committee members  and Chief Officers from various departments with whom I have interacted very closely in some of the programmes I run in the county,” said Mama Betty.

“The Goal is to improve the livelihoods of the people of Siaya through timely implementation of projects and programs through the able leadership of Governor Orengo” she said.

“I want to thank the departmental leadership that has worked closely with my office for the program dubbed Nyathi en Mwandu (nurturing care for early childhood development) to thrive in Siaya,” said Mama Betty.

She added that the collective efforts of the CECMs and budgets set aside for the programs has seen the program succeed and it has seen children of ages 0-3 years grow and thrive.

The leader’s remarks were made after the clergy finished their sermon whose topic was about restoration of Jerusalem’s wall by Nehemiah.

The Clergy had called on the County Executive wing of government to increase communication, synergy, cooperation and deepen solidarity to strive for concrete progress in the implementation of programs and projects.

According to the Siaya County Church Leadership Forum, County Executive and assembly must work in unison in the implementation of Siaya’s economic agenda which is pegged on the nine-points pillar of Nyalore manifesto.

Led by Archbishop James Opiyo, they noted that Governor James Orengo’s economic agenda would be realized if those entrusted with leadership embrace teamwork.

Speaking during the revival of boardroom prayers held at Siaya Governor James Orengo’s home, Opiyo said through collaboration Siaya will record remarkable performance.

“There is a necessity to work as a team in the implementation of government projects and programs. It’s pivotal for officers implementing projects to have information,” said Opiyo.

“Nyalore and Timore(its possible and do able) is no longer a campaign slogan it’s a government policy. All departments must work in harmony,” said the cleric.

Opiyo stressed on the importance of public participation as enshrined in the Constitution before the commencement of projects or programs to forestall court, cases that may derail the kicking-off of the projects.

“Just as Nehemia appointed persons to re-build the destroyed walls of Jerusalem when the Israelites came out of captivity so shall it be replicated in Siaya. We are done with campaigns and everyone appointed to assist Orengo should now focus on their roles so that we all achieve the big dream of transforming Siaya. I assure you dreams are achievable,” said an excited Governor James Orengo.

“The staff should not be seen as saboteurs but have the implicit objective of assisting in implementation of government projects not being impediments,” said the Clergy.

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