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Siaya First Lady Betty Orengo has asked the county departmental leadership to expedite the processes of drafting quality proposals that would attract JICA funding.

Mama Betty reaffirmed commitment to seize key opportunities to respond to multiple crises and steer economies to transformative paths, in partnership with the JICA.

“JICA cares deeply about Kenya. We need to respond to the need for good proposal writing so as to build a better future for our people,” said Betty Orengo.

JICA provides grants and zero- or low-interest loans to countries for projects and programs that boost economic growth, build resilience, and improve the lives of poor people around the world


Mrs Orengo said this during a courtesy call by JICA delegation led by the First Secretary at the Japanese Embassy, Kobayashi Nariko and Third Secretary Ms Mochizu Yukie.

Nariko had requested for proposals from the County government of Siaya and communities that are aimed at solving socio-economic issues that affect the region.

Nariko said that they can only act on projects enlisted by the communities through a proposal.

Siaya and JICA had a cooperation worth KES 743,818 which ended in 2008 and there’s a need to re-activate it with a view to supporting the community achieve their desires or development expectations.

So far projects previously funded by JICA include AIDS homecare programme in Bondo, Reconstruction of Ruma Primary School in Rarieda, Refurbishment of Gagra Primary School, Construction of classes at Rarieda and Migowa Primary Schools,  expansion of Mahaya Health Center, improvement of water and sanitation at 12 primary schools in Siaya, improvement of water supply at karadolo west and expansion of Nyamonye Integrated Training Inst.

“We can continue that cooperation in terms of improving water, health, education among others. Basically we have different schemes for cooperation mostly government to government,”

Nariko added that they have small-grassroots human security projects where their Embassy receives applications from local levels and you just have to capitalize on this one to gain.

“We do respond to the development requests from the National government through government to government cooperation and at the Counties, we deal directly with the communities through the economic proposals,” she added.

Nariko asked the County government leadership to sensitize the public to come up with quality proposals touching areas of concerns but those that are related to projects they fund.

“We yearly receive proposals at our Embassy which are later approved and funded. Those for Siaya can be forwarded for us to revive our cooperation,”

“The proposals should be realistic, well-structured and address the problems stated in the background of the proposal,” she added.

“The proposals should be consistent with the organizational mandate and the budget should be well structured, realistic and aligned to the expected results,” said Nariko

Areas enumerated by the line-ministries included pipeline extension of Ukwala-Sega water projects, Siaya Smart Start initiative, a program that looks after 1000 days of the child, digitizing of the Siaya Referral Hospital laboratory,

According to Health Executive Martin K’Onyango, Siaya is a county with high disease burden.

“We would like Japan government to help us in the area of laboratory investigations,” said K’Onyango adding that the smart start project that looks at the child’s 1000 days which is a critical period for the kids.

“I know malaria has been a scourge, and it’s one of our disease epidemiology’s, there are many ways of investigating it, the (Rapid Diagnostic testing (RDT’s) and with Japans technology am sure testing will be improved,” said K’Onyanyo.

KOnyango added that other infective conditions such as respiratory tract infections, gastric, intestinal diseases, diarrhea diseases, a big bulk of it are viral and this where modern technology testing would be key.

“cancer is also wiping our people and support from Jica would be of help in fact would do proposals on the disease burden for consideration,” said K’Onyango.

Education Executive Dr Edgar Otumba asked

Jica to support the Vocational training centers in Siaya to boost enrolment.

“WE also have to host victims of rape and defilement in safe houses so as to protect them against perpetrators and would like Jica to help us establish at least two in Siaya County,” he added. thrives.

Water executive Prof. Jaqueline Oduol says that access to clean water it’s still a challenge in Siaya with only 55 percent enjoying the commodity and so if support can be extended to the County by Jica, the Sh 1.2 billion Sega-Ukwala water project that can be extended top homes.

“The National government had done a water project for Ugunja-Sega and Ukwala and water is just trapped in tanks because the design did not include the last mile connectivity. So we are happy to have you here because in 2023, the Jica helped the Kericho County government to expand the supply system and would be pleased if you expand it for us,” said Oduol.

Governance Executive Agunda Ochanda, and Youth representative Fredrick Opanga also attended the meeting.


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