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The County government of Siaya through the Education department has embarked on a program aimed at inspiring learners towards academic success and profound personal growth.

According to Education Chief Officer Nicholas Kut Ochogo, inspirational talks are a powerful catalyst that steers students toward both academic success and profound personal growth.

“We are not going to restrict our roles to the provision of bursary to bright and needy students alone but will be doing inspirational talks to renew enthusiasm in students,” said Dr Ochogo.

Ochogo while addressing students of St Patrick Segere Secondary School said that inspirational speech is a critical stimulus that can profoundly reshape their mindset, approach, and even their academic trajectories.


Regular doses of motivation help students manage stress, preventing academic burnout and beyond textbooks and exams, inspiration aids students in understanding their true potential, paving the way for holistic personal growth,” said Ochogo.

Going forward, we are going to move in schools to motivate the students and relieve them of the distress that previously affected students to the extent of committing suicides or dropping out of school,” said Ochogo.

He urged the students not to let their circumstances dictate their future, urging them to focus and recognise their time as students to create a better life in future.
“Remain focused on your dreams and goals. Pursue them with diligence and passion,” Ochogo said.

“I was born in a polygamous family and we were 35 siblings. My mother died when I was in class seven and I was about to take exams but that did not deter me from doing it. Am now the Education chief officer and was a lecturer at Nairobi University,” said Ochog

He added that he was not an average student.
“There is no day I topped in the examinations. Right from standard 1 to Secondary up to the University where I got a PhD but that did not discourage me, in fact, I continued to work hard till I got second class upper division.
“I ended up getting a master’s and PhD out of sheer hard work. I encourage students to forget their disadvantaged backgrounds and work hard in the schools they are in,” said Ochogo.

“I want the young men and women we have interacted with today not to give up. Quality leaders are being nurtured in this school and it should not be compromised,” said Ochogo.

Ochogo regretted that most of the leaders get compromised to the extent of corrupting their ways once they get elevated positions.

“To achieve human capital values, we believe that leadership starts from school,” Ochogo said.

“Most leaders get compromised to an extent of corrupting their ways in order to pursue wealth.”

Ochogo said he earned the Chief Officer position out of merit.

“The post that I currently hold was given to me by Governor James Orengo in broad daylight and on merit,” said Ochogo.

He called on parents to put more effort into paying school fees on time to keep learners in school.

Ochogo at the same time called on the students who score low grades in certain subjects to embrace networking with those doing well including the teachers to improve their grades.
“Dropping a subject should be the last choice in a line of options when you are struggling in a class. First, you should try to adjust your study habits, talk to peers, ask for help, seek feedback from teachers, and try to learn the material in the manner that works best for you.” Said Ochogo.

He also asked them (students ) to set realistic targets and work towards achieving them.
Ochogo advised parents not to leave their children’s moral teaching to teachers to handle.

“Teachers need parental support to balance children’s upbringing.”
According to him, most parents rely on teachers to do everything for their children without making enough effort to train them morally.

“Parents must be responsible and teach their children moral values rather than relying on school teachers to do everything for them. It is much easier for parents to observe and impact quickly in the lives of their children than teachers.”

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