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Incoming Kisumu Senator Wakili Fred Odumo Nying’uro on Saturday called out a section of leaders from Kano for promoting politics of claim to the detriment of development.

Wakili pointed out that although Kano was one of the largest subtribes in Kisumu County the politics of clanism had denied them the opportunity to serve in the current county Government.

Mr. Nying’uro pointed out that as the region specialised in infighting, the governor was elected from Seme, the Deputy Governor from Nyakach and the Woman Representative was from the diaspora. He decried infighting among the Kano sub-clans saying that even within Kochogo some people were creating rifts between himself and other aspiring candidates.

Mr. Nying’uro emphasized the need for cohesion and questioned the fidelity to the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party of those creating rifts among voters.


Wakili was speaking this afternoon at the burial of Mzee Ogilo in Kano Kochogo. He paid glowing tribute to the deceased as an elder who selflessly pursued unity among the Kano sub-clans of Kochogo, Kamagaga, Kakola Kolwa, Kobura, Kabonyo and Kanyagwal.

In a related event yesterday Wakili Fred Odumo Nying’uro visited the family of the late Mzee Aluanda Ojuok to condole with them over the loss of their son Onyango Alwanda. Wakili was accompanied by Mwalimu Babu Alwanda and ODM Ahero Ward Chairperson Otieno Kuga.

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