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Movement for Democracy and Growth (MDG) Party leader David Ochieng today launched a countrywide recruitment drive of its members to solidify its base in readiness for a titanic presidential battle in 2027.

Ugenya MP David Ochieng being enthroned as a Luo elder at the historic Ahindi Gardens on Friday 14 June 2024. Photo: Eric Omwombo.

Ochieng declared that he will be running for the presidency come 2027 which now pits him against President William Samoei Ruto who will be seeking re-election.

The Ugenya legislator is confident that he will easily dislodge Ruto out of power.


“The ruling government has totally failed Kenyans and recent Infotrack [polling] report gave Ruto’s Government a D in terms of performance for the past years.

“Kenya Kwanza will fail miserably just the way it has failed to keep its promises,” added the MDG leader as he addressed a rapt audience at the historic Ahindi Gardens in Siaya CBD.

Ochieng who was crowned by Elders and armed with a spear and shield vowed his readiness to fight any presidential contender coming his way.

“I have very good plans that will see Luo Nyanza region as well as other oppressed Kenyans liberated,” said the MDG supremo.

He further vowed to liberate Luo Nyanza political bloc and dethrone Ruto whose actions he said would live to haunt him.

“Nyanza has played a big role in the fight for democracy and lots of other milestones including the 2010 constitution.

“As a citizen and a son from Siaya I have a duty to fix the wrongs for the sake of future generations. Am the alternative political horse whose duty and responsibility is to correct wrongs so that future generations can live in prosperity and peace,” said Mr Ochieng, poetically.

“Am going to play a pivotal role in the liberation of Luo Nyanza and Kenya at large,” he said.

The Ugenya legislator said that his presidential bid is unstoppable.

“It’s so sad that majority of leaders are settling for smaller things like being the Nyanza or Luo kingpin yet other regions including Central are busy prodding leaders to take charge in 2027” Ochieng said at Ahindi Gardens.

Mr Ochieng said that the Kingpin Luos are fighting for does not have a budget meant to facilitate infrastructure or implement programs aimed at transforming lives of Nyanza people.

So to end the monopoly the Legislator said he had decided not to give Ruto an easy ride to power in 2027.

“We are aware that the feuding between the president and his Deputy is likely to push Ruto to Nyanza for a political partnership and that won’t be easy,” said Ochieng.

“In Nyanza our problem is not ODM, Raila Odinga but we also want our share of the National cake,” said Ochieng.

Ochieng said Raila Odinga mentored him well and he had now mastered his footprints.

Ochieng noted that the forefathers’ grounds of capturing power were pegged on eradicating poverty, illness and illiteracy and yet 61 years after Kenya attained independence, we are still grappling with minute challenges.

“Its known by Kenyans that its impunity, ethnicity, tribalism and corruption that has sabotaged the achievements of the dreams of the forefathers and As MDG, we are going to reverse the trend and ensure nothing holds the dreams anymore.”

He revealed that the current regime has ensured ethnicity and tribalism thrived in every sector including in state appointments.

In the recent report by TSC, Members of the Kalenjins form the majority of teachers recruited.

interim report presented to the select committee of the National Cohesion and Equal opportunity by TSC boss Nancy Macharia said the Commission recruited a total of 3600 teachers

Kalenjins topped with 4,048 teachers recruited followed by Luhyas(3187), Luos were a distant third with 2576 while Kisii and Meru received 1737 and 1122 slots, respectively.

As a leader of MDG, Ochieng vowed that should he capture power, recruitment will be done equally.

He also vowed to slay the corruption dragon which he claimed was capturing the state and deterring it from achieving its promises.

“I will deal with corruption perpendicularly,” said Ochieng. We shall ensure those who had looted public coffers do not get elected in public office or appointed anywhere else.”

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