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Governor James Aggrey Bob Orengo is set to fly back into the country anytime this week from a foreign visit in Canada.

The Governor has had a highly successful visit to the city of Taber, Alberta where he signed multilateral treaties with the Mayor and other top local officials.

All focus is now on the Governor’s proposed performance audit for County Executive Committee Members (CECMs) as well as Chief Executive Officers (COs).

Although the Governor indicated that the performance audit is solely intended to weed out non-performing officials in his government and streamline service delivery, there’s speculation that the governor will use the changes to reshuffle his cabinet.


There’s already talk that three CECMs and a CO will loose their jobs in the reshuffle. One of the CECM is known for braggadocio and chest thumping at drinking binges while the CO has been on the gunsights of Siaya youth who have mounted a smear campaign on social media.

Orengo is a veteran politician who is capable of incisively weeding out from his cabinet joyriders and lacklustre officials.

Ongoing work at the the 20,000-capacity Siaya stadium, a new wing at the Referral Hospital and the Siriwo rice mill are among projects that have shown the Governor is up to the job.

Curiously the reshuffle has been planned and ratified while the Governor was outside the country; pointing at the return of one of his most powerful lieutenants. There’s also talk that the Governor is under pressure from a Senate committee to reconsider working with his estranged Deputy Dr. William Oduol Denge.

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