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Siaya Governor James Aggrey Bob Orengo has addressed President Ruto as fiery protests staged by the youth identifying themselves as  Gen Z gain momentum throughout the country.

The demos which initially targeted occupying State House Nairobi have been called to protest the controversial Finance Bill 2024.

The Bill, contains a raft of punitive tax proposals and has sparked outrage among the youth who today set a tyre ablaze outside State House Gate A.

Governor Orengo’s tweet, posted on June 21, reads: “Methinks Ruto’s legitimacy is gone. This revolt has momentum and resolve. Providence has a way of dealing with injustice. This hour, this time, no half measures.” The governor’s words reflect the growing discontent among the populace, particularly the younger generation, who feel marginalized by the proposed tax measures.

The protest, which took place in the Central Business District, saw security details pleading with the protesters to disperse, while live bullets were fired in the air to control the situation. The intensity of the demonstration and the strong words from Governor Orengo suggest a deepening rift between the government and the people, especially the youth.

As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how President Ruto will respond to the growing unrest and Governor Orengo’s bold statement. The Finance Bill 2024, with its controversial tax proposals, has become a focal point of contention, highlighting the need for dialogue and compromise between the government and the citizenry.

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