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It will take about three months to evaluate a number of TSC teachers for phase 2 wage increments or payrises across different job groups.

This is consistent with the CBA agreement, which saw a cooperative effort between the union leaders and the employer of teachers to raise salaries in two phases. The CBA will be fully implemented in July 2024, with the first phase beginning in July 2023 and continuing until now.

However, some teachers may not be included in the 2024 increment phase if they were not employed when the first phase was put into place by July 2023. Since the pay increase raises teachers’ standards of motivation and well-being, the teachers’ employer claims that it is a noteworthy advancement in the education sector.

Based on various job categories and levels of experience, the TSC phase 2 salary structure clearly reflects the pay increments for teachers. Further evidence of the commission’s commitment to resolving pay disparities among teaching staffs and recognizing the valid contributions made by educators comes from the pay increase.

Teachers are essential in ensuring that the next generation shifts phases because they impart the knowledge and skills that students need to succeed. It is essential to provide fair and competitive salary compensation to attract and retain talent in the teaching profession because this is what motivates them. Another way to cheat is to give teachers promotions that come with more remunerations.

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