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Nigerian pastor and self-proclaimed prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has issued a stark warning to Kenyan President William Ruto regarding growing public unrest over the Finance Bill.

Ayodele, who previously predicted Ruto’s victory in the 2022 general election, advised the president to pray and take action on several pressing issues affecting the country.

Ayodele emphasized that President Ruto must be vigilant about potential protests and resistance related to the Finance Bill, which has caused widespread dissatisfaction due to increased taxes and the rising cost of living. “Kenyans will be among Ruto’s strongest critics as they struggle under high taxation and loan interests,” Ayodele said.

The Finance Bill, which introduces new tax measures, has sparked significant controversy and protests across Kenya. Many citizens are frustrated with the higher cost of living, leading to nationwide demonstrations and calls for changes in fiscal policy. Ayodele warned that if these grievances are not addressed, they could lead to increased unrest and further complications for the government.


In addition to addressing economic concerns, Ayodele urged Ruto to pray for the stability of his government. He cautioned against the potential impeachment of a governor during Ruto’s tenure, suggesting that political upheavals could further destabilize the country.

Ayodele also advised the president to pray for the opposition leaders who are likely to challenge his administration, as their resistance could intensify throughout the year.

The Nigerian pastor also touched on Kenya’s diplomatic relations, noting that the country is currently embroiled in several disputes with its neighbors.

These include disagreements with Uganda over oil, aviation conflicts with Tanzania, and political tensions with the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan. Ayodele recommended that Ruto focus on maintaining strong diplomatic ties and resolving these issues through prayer and careful negotiation.

Lastly, Ayodele highlighted the need for President Ruto to take care of his health and well-being as he navigates these complex challenges. He warned that ignoring personal health could have severe consequences for Ruto’s ability to lead effectively.

—Source: ONH

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